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COLOPLAST SenSura Uro 1p CL mx tr 15-43 11815


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Features :
* SenSura 1-piece urostomy is available with Convex light.
* The oval shape of the Convex light baseplate is designed to help a stoma that is difficult to manage, for example a stoma that is flush, retracted, or located in a skin fold.
* It applies light and directed pressure on the peristomal skin to reduce the risk of leakage by allowing the stoma to protrude.
* Ask your stoma care nurse for more information about Convex light.
Shelf Life: 3 years
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Specification :
* COLOPLAST SenSura Uro 1p CL mx tr 15-33 SenSura Uro 1cx max klar 15-33 11814


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