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Codyson Ultrasonic Cleaner (5.0ltr)

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Features :
* The difference with standard series & digital series: not pursuit a wide application but pay more attention to the speciality of the product.
* The product size, specification, power and the application site of this series are various.
* Specially suitable for labs, dental clinics, mini spare part factories and commercial sites.

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Specifications :
* Designed for satisfying the high-end market after getting the good response to CD-4800
* Include all advantages of CD-4800, add: volume: enlarge to 2400ml from 1400ml power: enlarge to 170~180Walts from 60~70Walts
* Add heatable function
* Apply more powerful transducer than CD-4800
* Better PCB design, quicker cleaning speed and better cleaning effect than CD-4800
* With detachable ground-terminal cable, more safe, more convenient
* 5-timer digital display, heatable, up to 650C


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