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Chromadent (ST-3604) Dental Chair

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* ST-3604 is our flagship chair, there are 4 PATENTS in this model ;
* 90º Swivel ceramic cuspidor (PATENT NO. ZL2007.20061419.4)
* Built-in type double distilled water bottles (PATENT NO. ZL2007.20061449.4);
* Expanded height range(420 mm to 720 mm);
* 2 preset positions (rinse position and entry/exit position) simplify your practice
* Seamless-design unit box
* Double-articulating, gliding headrest

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* Item No: GP001-16
* Model ST:-3604
* Voltage:220±10V, 50±1Hz
* Air pressure:550Kpa-1000Kpa
* Water pressure: 0.2MPa-0.4MPa
* Power Source: Electricity
* Packing Dimension:1500×1070×1300mm
* Gross weight:270kgs


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