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Cerkamed ALUSTAT FOAM 0,8g


Quick Overview

Features :
* excellent absorption capacity ensures effectiveness of staunching the bleeding and exudates
* pressure or infriction are not required what doesn t cause gingiva irritation
* easy, fast and precise product application
* a clean work area  blood and exudates are completely absorbed, with no clot formation, what is usual for the other of that kind of products
* soothes irritations thanks to its natural components
* doesn t cause tissue discoloration
* ensures comfortable and controlled reaction
Product used during dental treatment to staunch slight bleedings, which may occur in the following situations:
* in cavity preparation
* before impression
* after removal of temporary crown
* after use of laser
* in overlay restoration fitting

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Specification :
* aluminum chloride 20%.
* syringe of 0,8g + set of applicators
* - MEGA PACK 4 x syringe of 0,8g + set of applicators


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