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CarieScan Pro Detection Unit

Quick Overview

Features :
* Better than Clinical Visual, Better than X-ray, Better than laser Fluorescence (LF)
* The sensors gives high precision measurements, and accurate lesion location
* The unit ensures easy communications of results to dentist and patient.
* The unit provides consistent reliable data, enabling comparison to be made of readings taken at subsequent patient visits. This comparison data enables disease
progression or regression, and effectiveness of treatment, to be monitored over time

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Specifications :
* Carie Scan PRO is the most accurate, early dental caries detection device
* The CarieScan PROTM is the first dental diagnostic tool to Use AC Impedance Spectroscopy technology (ACIST) to Quantify dental caries in teeth early enough to enhance Preventive treatment.
* CarieScan PRO is 92.5% accurate at detecting both sound and carious teeth minimizing
false positive or negative results.


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