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CA-MI Professional Suction on Castors NEW HOSPIVAC 350 FULL

Quick Overview

Features :
* NEW HOSPIVAC 350 has been designed for professional aspiration of bodily fluids, gases, tissues or bones of the patient during or after surgery.
* The state-of-the-art oil less pump guarantees high performances with excellent suction capacities and max vacuum reachable within a few seconds, with no need for maintenance.
* A clear dashboard along with a full range of accessories makes it the ideal device for surgical suction and liposuction.
* Liquid Collection Jars with overflow valve system (different options, see below):
* 8 x 14 Silicone Tubes (autoclavable) + Conical Connector ø 10-11-12 mm
* Antibacterial & Hydrophobic Filter (single-patient)

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Specifications :
* Motor: Oil less and maintenance-free piston pump
* ISO 10079-1Classification: HIGH VACUUM / HIGH FLOW
* Max Vacuum (adjustable): -0.90 Bar -90 kPa -675 mmHg
* Noise level: 51,7 dB
* Power consumption: 230 VA
* Fuse: 1 x F 4 A 250 V
* Duty cycle: Non-stop operation
* Years of Warranty: 2


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