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Buffalo Filter VisiClear with 2 Plume Port ActiV

Quick Overview

• Procedure Operating Modes
• One of three operating modes (Laparoscopic, Open Tubing, and Electrosurgical Pencil Mode) can easily be selected, automatically customizing filter life based on surgical procedure
• Advanced Sound Control Design
• Whisper Technology*! ensures ultra-quiet operation with unprecedented sound quality
• Sleek Shelf Design
• Ergonomically designed to accommodate stacking
• Occlusion Warning
• Safety feature that alerts medical personnel when an occlusion has occurred
• Intuitive Color Touch Screen
• Easy to use, requires minimal training, and can be operated with gloved hand.
• Unique Sliding Port Closure
• SafePort Technology*! ensures reduced risk of staff coming in contact with a contaminated port

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• Safeport Technology prevents the clinical from accidental touching an exposed port when not in use
• Customized filter life for acute care applications
• Lasts for upto 35 hours of plume evacutation time and captures 0.1 to 0.2 micron particle at 99.999% efficiency
• 3-port filter- ¼ in(6.4mm),3/8 in(9.5mm ) and 7/8 in(22mm)


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