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Buffalo Filter ViroVac 220V smoke evacuation system (incl pneumatic footswitch and 1 filter)

Quick Overview

• Compact Design
• Allows for easy placement on shelf or counter and accommodates stackability.
• Patented 3-Port Filter Design
• Versatile 3-port filter design features covered, hidden male ports and accommodates a variety of tubing sizes providing versatility in procedure and accessory setup.
• Variable Filter Life (up to 35 Hours)
• Delivers unsurpassed value and reduces per procedure costs.
• Filter Tracking Technology
• Automatically tracks and records filter life through a patented technology.
• Simple LED Display
• Two button design (motor speed and On/Standby) makes this system extremely easy to operate.
• Quiet Operation
• Addresses noise concerns.
GMDN: 37861
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• 4 layer of proven filtration gross particulate ,ULPA media, activated carbon , and Post filter.
• Lasts up to 35 hours of plume evacuation time and captures 0.1 to 0.2 micron particles at 99.999% efficiency.
• Hidden ports reduces the risk to caregivers of cross contamination.
• 3-port filter- ¼ in (6.4 mm),
• 3/8 in(9.5 mm)and 7/8 in(22 mm)


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