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Buffalo Filter PlumeSafe Turbo Surgical Smoke Evacuator - PSWTURBO AS/220 (220V)

Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • Buffalo Filter PlumeSafe Turbo Surgical Smoke Evacuator is a powerful portable surgical smoke evacuator designed with sufficient flow for the aesthetic market.
Catalog Number PSWTURBO AS/220
PlumeSafe Turbo Replacement Filters VS06, VSXLL, VSXLLT, VSEY, VSOH, & VSVET Series
GMDN: 37861
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  • Auto-sense smoke evacuation system with the pneumatic footswitch
  • Significantly increases the airflow to quickly remove smoke from the surgical site
  • Interactive LCD display
  • Puts information at your fingertips, multiple languages are included, adding to the unit's versatility
  • Suction setting can easily be adjusted in 10% increments
  • Automatically tracks and records filter life through a patented technology
  • Addresses noise concerns
  • Includes
  • One footswitch, filter sold separately
  • 220/240 volt systems


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