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Buffalo Filter PlumePenTM' Surgical Smoke Evacuation ESU Pencil (Standard Blade) with 9.5mm x 3mtr tubing w/adapter to 22mm port, Sterile PLP1020

Quick Overview

• PlumePen Elite (Stainless Steel ESU Blade)
• Includes 3/8 in (9.5 mm) x 10 ft (3 m) tubing with adapter to 7/8 in (22 mm) port.
• Powerfully Compact and Ultra Slim
• Significantly smaller (up to 46%) than competitive electrosurgical smoke pencils and similar in size to standard electrosurgical pencils.
• Up to 25% More Flow
• Provides more flow than competitive electrosurgical smoke pencils.
• Over-molded Button Design
• One piece over-molded button design limits fluid ingress aiding in the prevention of sticking buttons.
• Over-molded Cradle Design
• Provides improved grip and comfort.
• Adjustable Capture Port
• Offers customized placement for effective smoke plume capture regardless of blade length.
• Full Blade Reveal
• Offers exceptional visibility at the surgical site.
• Light, Flexible Tubing
• Aids in reducing pull, hand fatigue, and tension on the wrist.
• 360 Degree Swivel
• Allows for fluid hand movement and free range of motion

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Specification :
• Pushing the boundaries through design invocation , PlumePen Elite features a compact , ultra slim , ergonomic design that is
significantly smaller then competitive eelectrosurgical smoke pencils.
• Plumepen Elite offers the comfort and advanced features set surgeon demand .
• Includes 3/8 in (9.5 mm) * 10ft(3m) tubing with adapter to 7/8 in (22mm) port.
• 9.5mm x 3mtr tubing w/adapter to 22mm port, Sterile


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