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Breathe Life Foot Operated Suction Pump - Silicone Tubing

Quick Overview

* No Power Source Needed.
* No Maintenance.
* Ready to use.
* Nonstop operation in all conditions.
* Powerful & fast.

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* It is accepted as one of the most reliable & effective mobile pumps.
* By simply compressing and releasing the bellows, a partial vacuum is produced and transferred over the bottle to the suction tube.
* A partial vacuum of 210mm of Hg is obtained after a single compression & release of the bellows and after a few more cycles, the maximum of 300mm of Hg is obtained.
* The rate of pumping required is slow, approximately once every three seconds. In an emergency should the bottle overfill, the pump will continue unaffected.
* Fluids will be ejected through an overflow outlet on the top cap of the bottle and also on the top of the bellows.
* Use of the catheter holder enables the vacuum to be controlled to a maximum of 190mm of Hg.
* If the aperture is closed merely by holding a finger on it, the maximum vacuum possible is raised to 400mm of Hg.
* Capacity of the jar is 500m1, made up of polycarbonate is unbreakable, & autoclavable. Frame is made up of M.S. with powder coated for a long life span.


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