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Boston ivy Dialyzer Reprocesser Machine

Quick Overview

• Uses pulsating current oscillation technique to make water pressure oscillation around hollow fibrous coat in dialyzer. It is easier to eliminate leftover also saving time and water improving usage time.
• Uses negative pressure technique to separate the air from liquid.It is more safety in affusion and rinse.
• The design of automatic correction function make sure the veracity in volume test.
• It can work with one set or both two sets dialyzer. It improves the work efficiency and reduce water consumption.
• It can rinse,clean,test, affuse dialyzer automatically or lonely also can set work data by user.
• Type, volume and UF parameter etc of dialyzer can be stored in the machine. The operation is more simple and accurate.
• Fault hint and alarm of fault function.
• LCD touch screen technique.
• Printing function is convenient for user to register the results.
• Alarm of no disinfectant make sure the safety of affusion.
• can use any eligible disinfectant.
• Reprocessing time ( for whole work procedure): for one dialyzer working procedure about 12 min
GMDN: 58131
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• Size: 580mm X 480mmX 320mm
• Weight : approx. 35 kg
• voltage : 220 V ± 10 %, 50 Hz – 60 Hz, 2A
• Water Input request : RO water compiled with AAM1/ASA10 request(Endotoxin < 2 Eu/ml\Bacterial level <200 CFu)
• Water Input pressure : 20-60psi
• Water Flow rate: ≤ 1.2 liters/minute
• Minimum Consumption : 8 liters /dialyzer
• Reprocessing Time : 12 minutes/Dialyzer


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