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BOLT VA08 Gluchobin attachment including consumables One-Touch Wireless Health Tracker Bp Monitor

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• Blood Glucose
• Total Cholesterol and Hemoglobin
GMDN: 63088
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• Model VA01 – NIBP Monitor (Systole, Diastole, Pulse Rate) Infrared Ear Thermometer (Temperature) Pulse Oximeter (SpO2 & Pulse Rate).
• B.O.L.T is a Non Invasive wireless gadget with NiBP (Non-invasive Blood Pressure), SpO2 (Pulse Oximeter) and Infrared Thermometer (IRT) combined into a small form factor device which works with all smartphones and tablets.
• With B.O.L.T your health vitals can be stored in your personal health cloud.
• List of products: Base unit Cuff with BP connector SPO2 probe IRT Probe IRT Probe cover Power adaptor USB Cable


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