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Slit Lamp BQ 900

Quick Overview

Excellent Optics:
• The quality of the optical system determines the results of whatever application a slit lamp is used for.The BQ 900 is equipped with an elaborated optical system, manufactured for highest quality requirements. The result is a superb view, allowing accurate diagnostics, safe patient treatment and stunning imaging results
Superior Mechanics:
• Since its foundation more than 160 years ago, Haag-Streit has stood for high-precision mechanics. This experience, combined with outstanding Swiss engineering and the use of high grade materials, ensures perfect mechanics in the BQ 900, which can last for decades
Ergonomic and Fatigue-free Working:
• With the inclined eyepiece adaptor, the view into the microscope is inclined at 20 degrees to the horizontal. This enables the examiner the use of the slit lamp in a more comfortable, fatigue-free position
Enhanced View on Fundus:
• Unique to the BQ 900, the stereo variator reduces the angle of stereoscopic observation from 13 ° to 4.5 °. This facilitates the stereoscopic examination of the fundus, peripheral parts of the retina and the vitreous, even under unfavorable conditions such as high myopia and small pupils. The reduction of the angle enlarges the stereoscopic field of view under the described conditions, maintaining depth information in the stereoscopic observation

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• Light source: LED for examination (slit and background illumination)
• Slit width: 0-14mm continuous
• Slit length: 1-14mm continuous and fixed apertures
• Slit image rotatability: +/- 90 °
• Swiveling of the slit illumination to the microscope axis: Horizontal ± 90 °, vertical 0-20°
• Filters: Blue, red-free (green) and grey (10%)
• Stereo angle: 13°
• Overall magnification: 6.3×, 10×, 16×, 25× and 40×
• Eyepiece magnification: 12.5×
• Range of adjusting eyepieces: +7 to-7 diopters
• Inter pupillary distance: 52-78 mm
• Yellow filter: Optional
• Inclined eyepiece: Optional
Instrument Base:
• Operation Spatial adjustment of the instrument base: Single handed 3-dimensional operation of the control lever 100mm (length), 100mm (side), 30mm (height)
Measures (W×L×H): 332mm×305mm×700mm


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