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Octopus Perimeter 900

Quick Overview

Full Field Standard:
• white-on-white perimetry The Octopus 900 performs standard white-on-white threshold testing in just 2-4 minutes in the central visual field. Due to its 90 degree cupula, full 180-degree peripheral testing is possible. This allows for disability testing, including ptosis examination, as well as binocular driving tests
Reliable Results Made Easy:
• Worry less about patient compliance. The Octopus 900 automatically recognises any fixation losses and adjusts patients accordingly until optimal test conditions are achieved. Thus, the Octopus 900 produces results you can always trust
True Goldmann Kinetic perimetry:
• With the Octopus 900, kinetic vectors can be defined anywhere and with all the characteristics available in the Manual Goldmann perimeter. Additionally,user-defined templates help generate fast and reproducible results when defining standard isopters and mapping the blind spot, as well as for ptosis, driving and disability examinations

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Stimulus generation: Mirror projection system
Peripheral range (distance): 180° (30 cm radius Goldmann bowl)
Background illumination (asb): 0/4/31/314
Stimulus size (Goldmann): I, II, III, IV, V
Stimulus duration (ms): 100, 200, 500, 1000, infinite
Stimulus intensity (asb, dynamic range): 0.2-10000 (47 dB)
Fixation control: Blink Control, Pupil Position Control, AET (Automated Eye Tracking)
Networking: DICOM, EMR, Ethernet
Data Import: Octopus 101, 123, 300 and 600; HFA
Measures (W x L x H): 648 mm x 519 mm x 796 mm; 25.5’” x 20.4” x 31.3”
Weight: 25 kg; 55 lbs


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