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Octopus Perimeter 600

Quick Overview

Fast Screening:
• Distinguish between normal and abnormal visual fields in less than a minute with the novel Glaucoma Screening Test
Central Field Standard white-on-white Perimetry:
• The Octopus 600 performs standard white-on-white threshold testing in just 2-4 minutes in the central visual field. A wide range of commonly used static test patterns, including G, 32, 30-2, 24-2, M, and 10-2 are also incorporated into the Octopus 600
Perimetry Simplified:
• The compact Octopus 600 can be operated reliably outside of a darkroom and fits almost anywhere. with its improved usability and ergonomics, it truly simplifies perimetry both for the operator and the patient
Reliable Results Made Easy:
• Worry less about patient compliance. The Octopus 600 automatically recognises fixation losses and continously supports the correct patient and eye position for a reliable result you can trust

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Stimulus generation: TFT Monitor
Peripheral range (distance): 30° (infinite)
Background illumination: SAP: 10 cd/m2; Pulsar: 32 cd/m2
Stimulus size (°): SAP: 0.43 (Size III); Pulsar: 5
Stimulus duration (ms): SAP: 100; Pulsar: 500
Stimulus intensity (asb, dynamic range): SAP: ~35 dB; Pulsar: ~35 src
Fixation control: Blink Control, Pupil Position Control, Dart Control, Contact Control
Data Import: Octopus 101, 123, 300 and 900; HFA
Measures (W x L x H): 467 × 508 × 500 mm; 18.4’’ × 20.0’’ × 19.7’’
Weight: 12.7 kg; 28.0 lbs
Test methods: Standard white-on-white perimetry SAP, Pulsar perimetry for early diagnosis
Test patterns: General/Glaucoma 30° (G1-Program, 32 (corresponding to 30-2), 24-2), Macula (M-Program, 10-2)


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