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Octopus Perimeter 300

Quick Overview

Increased Efficiency:
• Tendency Oriented Perimetry (TOP) presents a further optimization in fast-threshold testing by reducing the examination time by nearly 80% to just 2-4 minutes compared to 6-8 minutes (Dynamic strategy) or 10-12 minutes (Normal strategy). The TOP algorithm is a systematic method which takes the correlation of the threshold values in neighboring locations into account.
• Since the first test points are presented at a supra-threshold level, even inexperienced patients quickly understand the nature of the test
Providing Meaningful Results:
• Cluster analysis combines high sensitivity with good specificity Test locations are grouped (clustered) along nerve fiber bundles, to better analyses changes in crucial areas such as the nasal step or the macula. This eliminates the time-consuming method of counting isolated points. A combined probability/deviation graph highlights pathological regions
Central Field Standard White-on-White Perimetry:
• The Octopus 300 performs standard white-on-white threshold testing in just 2-4 minutes in the central visual field. A wide range of commonly used static test patterns, including G, 32, 30-2, 24-2, M, and 10-2 are also incorporated into the Octopus 300
Reliable Results:
• Made easy worry less about patient compliance. The Octopus 300 automatically recognizes fixation losses and adjusts patients accordingly until optimal test conditions are achieved. Thus, the Octopus 300 produces results you can trust

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Stimulus generation: Direct projection system
Peripheral range (distance): 30 ° (infinite)
Stimulus size (Goldmann): III, V
Stimulus duration (ms): 100, 200, 500
Stimulus intensity (asb, dynamic range): 0.48-4800 (40 dB)
Fixation control: Blink Control, Pupil Position Control, AET (Automated Eye Tracking), Contact Control
Networking: DICOM, EMR, Ethernet
Data Import: Octopus 101, 123, 600 and 900; HFA
Dimensions (W x L x H): 450 mm x 530 mm x 560 mm; 17.7” x 20.9” x 22.0”
Weight: 22 kg; 49 lbs
Test methods: Standard white-on-white perimetry SAP
Test patterns: General/Glaucoma 30° (G1-Program, 32), Macula (M-Program (10 ° /30 °), Screening (ST)
Progression analysis: Global progression (MD, sLV)


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