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Optical Biometer Lenstar APS PRO LS-900

Quick Overview

Precise Measuring Data for The Hill-RBF Method:
• Lenstar precise measurement technique in combination with the unique Hill-RBF Method allows accurate prediction of the IOL power for every type of eye.To improve refractive outcomes, Lenstar is the optimal choice
Perfect K Values Best Toric Results:
• Lenstar features dual zone keratometry or T-Cone topography for precise astigmatism and axis measurement. The integrated Barret Toric Calculator predicts toric IOL, considering the posterior cornea for best refractive outcomes
For Post-Refractive Cases Quick and Reliable:
• Barrett True-K, Shammas No-History and Masket IOL calculation methodologies can be used for post refractive patients even without any clinical history available
• Multi user system
• Dense Cataract Measurement Mode (DCM)
• Axial length (AL)
• Central corneal thickness (CCT)
• Anterior chamber depth (ACD)
• Anatomic ACD (AD)
• Lens thickness (LT)
• Keratometry (K)
• White to white (WTW)
• Pupillometry (PD)
Quality Control:
• Display of standard deviation of repeated measurements
• Access to A-scan and imaging data
• Manual adjustments of measurement gates
IOL Calculation:
• Hill-RBF Method
• Barrett Universal II
• Barrett True-K
• Haigis
• HofferQ
• Holladay 1
• Olsen
• SRK II and SRK/T
• Masket / Modified Masket
• Shammas No-History
IOL Constants:
• Personalisation of IOL constants
• Electronic medical record interfaces (EyeSuite Script Language, GDT, EyeSuite Command Line Interface)
• IOL calculation on additional workstations
• EyeSuite viewing stations

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Corneal Thickness CT:
• Measurement range: 300-800μm
• Display resolution: 1μm
Anterior Chamber Depth ACD:
• Measurement range: 1.5-6.5mm
• Display resolution: 0.01mm
Lens Thickness LT:
• Measurement range: 0.5-6.5mm
• Display resolution: 0.01mm
Axial Length AL:
• Measurement range: 14-32mm
• Display resolution: 0.01mm
White-to-White Distance WTW:
• Measurement range: 7-16mm
• Display resolution: 0.01mm
Pupillometry PD:
• Measurement range: 2-13mm
• Display resolution: 0.01mm
• Measurement range for radius: 5-10.5mm
• Display resolution: 0.01mm
• Measurement range for axis angle: 0-180 °
• Display resolution: 1°


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