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Biomed Combination of Ultra & Laser (BMI-1126)

Quick Overview

* Biomed Combination of Ultra & Laser (BMI-1126)
Lasertherapy features:
* Continuous and pulsed work mode
* Repeat dose function
* Sensor for power check of probes
Ultrasound therapy features:
* Continuous and pulsed work mode
* Double-frequency probes:
* 1MHz and 3,3MHz in 5cm2 or 1cm2 size
* Water-resistant probes
* Sound and visual signal of contact of the probe with patient

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* Biomed Combination of Ultra & Laser (BMI-1126)
* Two possible treatments
* Big, color graphic screen (4, 3*) with touch panel.
* User-friendly operation by touch screen and buttons.
* Ergonomic treatment heads
* Aesthethic design
* Ready to use programs for typical illnesses
* Users own programs with easy to use screen keyboard
* Individual regulation of all treatment parameters
* Function of fan control which minimizes energy consuption and generated noise
* Counters of number and time of treatments
* May be used as portable


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