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Biobase Urine Analyzer UA-100

Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • Biobase urine analyzer is designed for clinical setting to perform automatic urine testing
Model UA-100
Wave Length 510-650nm
Throughput 120 test/hr
Storage 1000 Patient Data
Display 240x64 mm LCD Monitor
Print 57 mm Thermal Printer
Interface Standard RS232 Serial Interface
Condition Temperature 15-35?, Humidity:10-85%
Power Supply 110/220V±10%, 60/50Hz;100W
Weight 6.5 kg
Test Items PH, Nitrite, Protein, Glucose, Occult Blood, Bilirubin, Urobilinogen, ketone, Specific Gravity, Leukocytes, Ascorbic Acid

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  • LED display
  • Save data automatically
  • Date and patient number can be input
  • Color and limpidness can be input
  • Single test and continuous test are available
  • Adopt luminescence source
  • High brightness to minimize interference of the environmental light
  • Fully automatic calibration


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