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Biobase Metallogical Microscope MM5000

Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • Biobase Metallogical Microscope is used for metallurgical inspection, including metals, ceramics, and other materials.
Model No. MM-5000
Structure Desktop
Material Stainless Steel
Type Heating Type
Extra Wide Field Eyepiece EW10×/22, EW10×/20 Eyepiece With Scale Of Cross Hair
Infinite LWD Plan Achromatic Objective 5×/0.12/?/ (BF/DF), 10×/0.25/?/-(BF/DF) (LWD 10 mm),20×/0.4/?/0(BF/DF) LWD 5 mm, 50×/0.75/?/0(BF/DF) LWD 1.3 mm, 100×/0.9/?/0(BF/DF) LWD 0.7 mm
View Head Interpupillary 48 mm~75 mm
Halogen Light 12V/50W
Power Supply AC110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Weight 18 Kg
Double Layer Mechanical Stage 226×178 mm
Moving Range 40 mm×40 mm
Teardrop Stage ?16, ?40
GMDN: 35576
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  • Usage: Hospital, Lab
  • Siedentopf binocular viewing head incline at 30°
  • Infinite optical system
  • brightness adjustable
  • Incident Light Polarizer and analyzer
  • Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment
  • Backward quintuple nosepiece
  • Accessories :
  • Micrometer scale 0.01mm
  • Lamp house adjustment objective
  • Specimen presser


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