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Biobase Fully Auto Elisa Processor Biobase 4000

Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • Biobase Fully Auto Elisa processor used to run ELISA tests from start to finish.
Model BIOBASE4000
Module Software Module, Sample Module, Reagent & Dilution Rack Module, Microplate Washer & Reader Module
Pipetting Probe 4
Stepping 1ul
Total Rack 25
Unit 4
Well Microplates 96
Sample Pipetting Unit:
Sample Rack 24 Sample Tubes/Rack, At Most 23 Racks
Primary Sample Tubes 11.5-13 mm
Pipetting 8ul~1000ul, (10ul) CV<5%
Time To Dispense 8 Minutes Adding 96 Samples
Dispensing System 1 Aspirating-Dispensing Probe with X-Y-Z movement; Dilution System With A Syringe Of 1000ul, Continuous Flow Washing Station
Reagent Pipetting Unit
Reagent Racks 2 Reagent Tanks(60ml)/ Rack, At Most 23 Racks
QC Racks 24 Positions/QC Rack, At Most 23 Racks
Pipetting 8ul~1000ul,1ul Stepping
Pipetting Precision (100ul )CV?0.5%
Time To Dispense 2 Minutes(typical)^100ul Of 96 Reagents To Plate From Reagent Bottle
Washing Unit
Programmable Yes (Options & Parameters)
Wash Containers 3 Wash Buffers At 2.0L, 1 Wash Buffers At 5.0L,With Level-Sensing
Waste Containers 25L With Waste Full Sensor
Washing System Two 8 Nozzle Manifolds, One To Dispense And The Other One To Aspirate
Washing Residual <2?l
Reading Unit
Reading System 8 Independent Photometric Channels With Mono And Bichromatic Reading Capability
Photometric Range 0.000 ~3.000 OD
Spectral Range 400-700 nm
Optical Filters 2 Precision Filters (450 And 630nm); 2 More On Request (4 Filters Max, 405 nm, 450 nm, 492 nm And 630 nm)
Reading Inaccuracy Inaccuracy±1% From 0.000 To 1.500 OD, ±2% From 1.500 To 3.000 OD
Incubation Unit
Incubators 4 Independent Units
Programmable Yes
Temperature Range RT To 45 °C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5?
Temperature Stability ±0.5?
Software Unit
Software System Windows 7 /8/10 or Above
Function Application Work List Set Up, Patient Reports And Result Filing; Calibration Curve, Storage For Each Carried Out Test
Data Reduction Cut-Off (Qualitative)
Physical Specification
Power Supply AC220V+ 10%,50/60Hz, 450W
Instrument Dimension 1235 x 710 x 880 (LxWxH) mm
Weight 220 Kg

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  • Hydrophobic membrane to prevent cross contamination
  • Original sample tube and reagent bottles, onboard large capacity
  • High precision optics
  • User-friendly windows system; LIS system available
  • Arbitrary rack can be defined as sample or reagent on the software
  • Optional :
  • Programmable dilution module
  • Computer, sample bar code reader


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