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Biobase ELISA Microplate Washer BIOBASE-MW9621

Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • Biobase ELISA Microplate Washer is used in many applications such as ELISA, cell-based assays and microsphere-based assays.
Model Biobase-9621
Micro Plate Types 48-Well, 96-Well
Washing Automatic
Washing Circle 1 Row Per Time 1- 12 Rows
Average Residue 2ul Per Well
Dispense Precision ?3% CV
Shaking 5 Ways
Memory 100 Programs
Wash Cycles 20-Jan
Soak Time Programmable In Seconds, Up To 20 minutes.
Anti-Overflow Excess Fluid Is Automatically Discharged.
Operating Temperature 15° C To 30° C
Relative Humidity ?80%
Range Of Atmospheric Pressure 86.0 Kpa~106.0 Kpa
Electrical 220+22Volts Ac 50+1Hz
Power 80W
Surrounding Environment Non-Corrosive Gases, No Mechanical Vibration, No Strong Magnetic Field Interference

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  • Industrial grade color LED display
  • Eight-channel optical fiber measurement system
  • Center positioning function, accurate and reliable.
  • Three kinds of linear vibration plate function.
  • Open cut-off judgment formula
  • Endpoint method, two point method, dynamics
  • Single/dual wavelength test mode
  • Configure the inhibition rate measurement module
  • Can be adapted 96 and 48-well micro plates.
  • Cleaning head according to user requirements.
  • Chooses to set washing parameters for different effects.
  • External programming/downloading available through rs-232 ports.
  • 8-channel or 12 channels optional.
  • Easy to name, edit and save different 100 wash programs.
  • Unnecessary to complement the whole plate or strip.
  • Stop or pause key in the panel
  • Multi-plate can be selected by default settings


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