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Biobase Electrolyte Analyzer BK-005

Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • Biobase Electrolyte Analyzer is used to measure electrolyte levels in the human body to detect metabolic imbalances and measure renal and cardiac function.
Model No BK-005
Display 128 mm×64 mm Back-Illuminated LCD
Assay Method Ion Selective Electrode
Throughput 60 Test/Hr
Sample Volume 120 ul
Interface RS-232
Power Supply 110/220V+10% , 60/50 Hz
Dimensions 260×305×140 mm
Weight 8.0 kg
Environment Requirements:
Temperature 18~35ºC
Humidity ? 85%
K+ Range 0.50-10.00 mmol/L
Na+ Range 30.00-200.0 0mmol/L
Cl- Range 30.0-200.0 mmol/L
Ca2+ Range 0.10-5.00 mmol/L
PH Range 6.00-9.00 mmol/L

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  • Built-in thermal printer
  • More than 2000 samples & Q.C. data
  • Language
  • English, other languages on request


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