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Biobase Thermostatic Incubator BJPX-H160II

Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • Biobase Thermostatic Incubator is used for culturing experiment of the microorganism and bacterium in the field of hospital, lab, iochemical, medicine.
Model BJPX-H160II
Capacity 160L
Display LCD
Control Type Pid Control
Material Stainless Steel
Structure Desktop
Temperature Range RT+5~60ºC
Temperature Fluctuation ±0.2ºC
Time Range 1~9999 Mins
Shelves 3 Pcs/Adjustable
Consumption 700W
Power Supply AC220V±10%,50HZ
Internal Size 505×455×700 mm
External Size 655×640×1030 mm
Size 800×790×1200 mm
Weight 120 kg
GMDN: 36025
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  • Usage : hosipital, lab
  • Microcomputer temperature controller
  • Double door design & magnetic door sealing
  • Castors are equipped for easy movement
  • Working chamber adopts round angle structure
  • Safety function:
  • Parameters saved automatically when power off or system error
  • Temperature sensor malfunction alarm


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