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Bio Techniks Bacteriological Incubator 24”x24”x24”

Quick Overview

• Triple walled construction
• Inner made of S.S.316 mirror polished
• Outer made of S.S.304 Dull finish
• Gap between the two walled filled with glass wool insulation of 65 mm
• Heating Element is made of S. S. ‘U’ type tubular nichrome wire with S.S. Sheathing
• Heaters are placed at the right & left side of the inner chamber
• PID Controller with auto tuning facility with double display to view set & current temp
• Temp. Range 5 C above ambient to 60 C with accuracy of ± 0.5 C.
• Silicon rubber gasket fitted on door to prevent lost of heat
• Control Switch & pilot lamp are fitted on front panel supplied with S.S. Rod Type Jali
GMDN: 62936
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• Bio Techniks Bacteriological Incubator 24”x24”x24”

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