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Bio Technics Filter Holder

Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • Bio Technics Filter Holder is used for vacuum filtration in hospitals & clinics.
Filtration Area 12.5 cm2
Sterilization Autoclaving (Maximum 121 °C )
Funnel Cap 250 ml
Sealing Silicon O- Ring
Material Stainless steel
Filter Support Stainless Steel Screen
Filter Diameter Required:
Membrane filter Diameter 47 mm
Prefilter Diameter 47 mm
Maximum Operating Pressure Vacuum Only

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  • Ring allows autoclaving with a filter in position without stick age of the filter to the support, and also protects from breakage
  • Rim around the upper edge to simplify the positioning of the funnel and to avoid displacement of the filter
  • Screen fits between top and base part, and the whole is held together with a practical hand clamp
  • Supplied with a silicone lid
  • Without a bored stopper to fit them onto a suction Flask
  • 3 or 6 holders can be used simultaneously by fitting them on to manifolds
  • Application:
  • Microbiological quality control (e.g. testing of water, soft drink, beer and wine)
  • Clarifying or ultra cleaning of liquid
  • Collection of particles for analysis (e.g. for the gravimetric determination of forging solid material in lubricating oils acc. to DIN 51592)
  • Microscopy of particles in infusion solutions to determine their origin


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