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Bio Technik COD Digestors 10 Tubes (Digital) BTI-12B

Quick Overview

• DIGITAL COD DIGESTOR is suitable for COD method for monitoring wastewater influent and effluent, industrial process water, and more .
• this instrument is used by Pollution control Labs.
• Outer cabinet made of mild steel duly coated.
• Double wall construction with insulation for minimum heat losses increases the efficiency of the system .
• Aluminum Block with holes (Dimension 40mm dia x 80mm depth)is used to hold 6 nos. COD tubes Aluminum block is heated to maintain temperature up to 180 °C .
• Solid state digital temperature controller, appropriate heater & insulation selection assure uniformity in all the samples.
• Selectable time up to 120 min with alarm is provided to set the digestion period (Refluxing)After digestion, analyses the sample with wither colorimetric or titrimetric method

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• Bio Technik COD Digestors 10 Tubes (Digital) BTI-12B

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