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Bio Technik B.O.D.Incubator (GMP Model) 10 Cu ft 280Ltr

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• B.O.D.Incubator (GMP Model), is double walled construction fully made of Stainless steel inner of 316 mirror finished and exterior matt of 304 finished.
• The gap between the two walls filled with glass wool-insulation.
• Cooling is by hermetically sealed compressor with CFC free refrigerator Temperature controlled by microprocessor based digital temp controlled with sensor Supplied with S.S.shelves.
• Temperature Range: 5 0c to 60 0c .Accuracy ± 0.5 0c
GMDN: 62936
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• Illumination by fluorescent tube 2 Nos
• Cyclic digital timer for fluorescent tube
• Rs232 interface with software for PC connection (upto8chammels): Price on request
• Data logging with printing arrangement (upto8chammels):Price on request
• Rs485 for multiple units operating: Price on request. Supplied without PC and printer

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