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Bio Technics Rectangular Vacuum Oven 9 Inch Diameter x12 Inch Depth

Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • Bio Technics Rectangular Vacuum Oven is used to remove chemicals that can be toxic inside the human body.
Operating Temperature Range 50°C To 200°C
Accuracy (± 2°C)
Precise Vacuum Control 30 Hz Analogue
Programmable Controller Steps 8.0
Diameter 9 in
Depth 12 in
Shape Rectangular
Capacity 12 Ltr
Rating K.W. 1600.0
Inner Chamber Material Stainless Steel 304
Outer Chamber Material Mild Steel Powder Coated
GMDN: 44494
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  • High grade glass wool insulation between two walls to avoid lost of heat
  • Round vacuum oven are double walled
  • Uniform drying under vacuum temperature
  • Uniform heating door
  • Thick tempered toughened glass window
  • Vacuum chamber is wrapped with heaters
  • Properly sealed with silicon rubber gasket
  • Observation without disturbing thermal condition
  • Positive screw to tighten the lid to obtain preface seal
  • Fitted with vacuum valves & vacuum gauge
  • Switches and indicating lamps
  • Lid to obtain preface seal
  • PID controller with printer option
  • Operate safety


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