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Bio Technics Rectangular Vacuum Ovens 8"x8"x12"

Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • Bio Technics Rectangular Vacuum Ovens is used for drying heat-sensitive materials.
Size 8x8x12 in
Material Heavy Gauge
Inside Chamber Material Stainless Steel 304
Outside Chamber Material Mild Steel Powder Coated
Temperature Range 50 ?C To 200 ?C With Accuracy Of ± 2 ?C
Capacity 12 Ltr
No. Of Shelves 2.0
Rating 1600 K.W.
GMDN: 44494
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  • Double-walled
  • High-grade glass wool insulation between two walls to avoid loss of heat
  • Uniform drying under vacuum temperature
  • Precise vacuum gauge upto 30 H2 analogue
  • Temperature controlled by digital temperature controller cum indicator
  • Set of high-quality heater for quick & uniform heating door
  • Thick tempered toughen glass window perfectly sealed with silicon rubber gasket
  • Proper door alignment to ensure excellent vacuum performance & operate safety
  • Positive screw to tighten the lid to obtain preface seal
  • Fitted with vacuum valves & vacuum gauge
  • Switches & indicating lamps are provided on front panel
  • Optional accessories:
  • PID controller with printer option
  • Programmable controller with 8 steps


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