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Bio Technics Automatic Vertical Autoclave 12 Dia x 20 ht

Quick Overview

• Double walled construction outer M.S/S.S.304 & Inner S.S.304 with heavy Gauge & Argon Walled
• Lid is made of S.S.304 heavy gauge die pressed
• Equipped with pressure gauge, steam release valve & 2 Safety valves
• This instrument supplied with S. S. perforated basket
• It is used for sterilization under working steam pressure upto 15 PSI
• Fitted with silicon rubber gasket joint less
• Work in 230 Volts 50 H2
• Foot lifting arrangement to open lid

Optional Accessories:

• Pressure cut off Switch
• Water Level cut off
• Digital Timer
• Microprocessor controller with printer Interface

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• Automatic Vertical Autoclaves are specially designed for Medical Clinical Bacteriological & Research Laboratories Pharmaceuticals, Fertilizer Plant, Breweries Soft Drink mfg. etc.

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