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Micron Optik Binocular Microscope ISI Marked Model Bino Mini


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* Binocular Microscope ISI Marked Model Bino Mini
• Viewing Tubes - BIND MINI Binocular head 45nelined
• Nose Piece - Quadruple Ball beaming Nose Piece.
• Mechanical Stage - Low Drive Coaxial control, stage I20Inm x 140mm, x & y Movement of 55mm & 75mm.
• Focusing System - Separate Coarse & Fine Focusing Adjustment. Least Count .002mm. (Fine movement on Ball bearing Guide ways).
• Condenser - Abbe Condensor N.A. 1.25 with Iris Diaphragm movable on Rack & Pinion.
• Illumination - 3Watt LED or 6Volts-20Watt Halogen Bulb (optional)
• Objectives - 4x, 10x, 40x S/L & 100x Oil (P.D: 37min)
• Eye Piece - Wide Field 10X (Paired).
• Accessories - Day Light Reflector, Dust Cover,
• Packing. - Duly packed in Styrofoam Box or Wooden cabinet (Optional).
• Objectives – 5X.20X.60X
• Eyepieces – HSX. HIOX. H15X

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* Binocular Microscope ISI Marked Model Bino Mini


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