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Bien Air Micromotor Handpiece (CA 1:1 L MICRO-SERIES)

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Features :
* Noise levels reduced and less vibration
* A Bien-Air electric micromotor reduces noise levels by 2 compared to an air turbine.
* This greatly decreases patient anxiety and discomfort and allows the dentist to work more efficiently. It also vibrates considerably less.
* This offers greater cutting precision and a smoother finish.

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Specifications :
* A Bien-Air electric micromotor delivers 5 times more power and 20 times more torque compared to an air turbine.
* The electric micromotor can achieve full speed (40,000 rpm with a 1:1 handpiece), with constant torque (MX2 = 3.5 Ncm) and more than 100 Watt s (mechanical power).
* Brushless technology


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