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Beurer Multi Functional Thermometer FT 65

Quick Overview

  • 6-In-1 function: ear, forehead and surface temperature, temperature alarm, date and time, 10 memory spaces
  • Up to 37.9°C = green, from 38.0°C = red
  • Measurement in seconds
  • Infrared measurement
  • LED temperature alarm from 38°C
  • Displays measurements in °C and °F
  • No mercury, without glass
  • Can be disinfected
  • 10 Memory spaces, with date and time
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Medical device
  • Large display
GMDN: 14034
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Product Overview:
  • Beurer Multi Functional Thermometer is used for ear and forehead measurement, the thermometer can also determine surface temperatures.
Product Code FT 65
Item Number 79514
EAN 4211125795146
HMV (Products Covered By German Health Insurance) Number
PZN (German Centralised Pharmaceutical Number) 10228997
Product Weight Approx 90 g
Product Dimensions 38.2x138x46.5 mm
CE Yes


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