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Belmont Rapid Infuser RI-2 750 ml/min (220V)

Quick Overview

Rapid high-volume infusion of blood or blood products in operating room and in trauma, the Belmont® Rapid Infuser RI-2 lets you focus on the patient, not the equipment.
We understand that urgent moment when you need to safely and rapidly infuse blood or fluids.

The Belmont RI-2 offers you:
• A patented inductive heater provides instant heat without water baths or hot plates
• Step by step on-screen instructions
• Automatic priming in seconds
• Automatic air removal with two air detectors one at input and another at output
• Precise control of infusion with settings from 2.5 ml/min to 750ml/min
• A large simple touch screen that continuously displays fluid temperature, total volume infused, line pressure, and both target and actual infusion rates
• Operator controlled bolus infusion Automatic alarms avoid unsafe conditions if the line becomes obstructed, when you are out of fluid and when other conditions occur
• An extra long 15 foot power cord for increased mobility
• Several languages to choose from
• Easy transport - lightweight and compact
GMDN: 17907
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Hardware Specifications :

• Dimensions : 13.5 in. x 7.5 in. x 12 in.
342.9 mm. x 190.5 mm. x 304.8 mm.
• Weight : 28 lb.
12.7 kg
• Portability : Quick-on IV pole mount/handle at top of unit
• Power : 115 volt or 220/240 volt AC input
• Battery : Internal, rechargeable for transport
Operates all functions without heating
• Fluid Pump : Roller type peristaltic pump
Flow rate 2.5-750ml/min
• Heater : Maximum applied power, 1440 watts
• Sensors : 2 air detectors, pressure transducer, 2 temperature probes (infrared sensing), pump infusion rate sensor, open door detector, and valve activation sensors
• Control Computer : Built-in, controls all functions
Redundant hardware override protection
in case of computer failure
• Display : LCD type with waterproof touch pad
• External Dimensions : 5.85 in. x 4.12 in.
148.1 mm. x 104.7 mm
• Active Area : 4.53 in. x 3.40 in.
115.1 mm. x 86.3 mm


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