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BD Discardit II Syringe 10ml with needle 21G X 1 inch 100 pcs per box 12 box in a case

Quick Overview

  • Tip syringe is a sterilized product
  • Only for single use
  • Attached needle
  • Tip syringe is disposable

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Reference Number 309624
Detachable Needle Product Has A Detachable Needle
Hub Color Green
Hub Material Polypropylene
Hub Type Luer
Needle Gauge 21 G
Capacity 10 ml
Needle Gauge 0.80 mm
Needle Length 1.5 inch
Needle Length 25.40 mm
Needle Tip Type Regular
Needle Type Hypodermic
Needle Wall Type Regular
Priming Volume 0.086 ml
Pyrogen Free Product Is Pyrogen Free
Syringe Tip Orientation Concentric
Syringe Tip Type Slip Tip
Syringe Scale 0.1 ml Graduations
Total Shelf Life 1825
Volumetric Accuracy +/- 5% (For 1 ml Or Smaller, Accuracy Below 0.2 ml Is +/- 0.07 ml)
Sterilization Method EO, Radiation
BPA Free Not Made With BPA
DEHP Free Not Made With DEHP
Latex Statement Not Made With Natural Rubber Latex
PVC Free Not Made With PVC
Quantity 100 Pcs Per Box
Product Packaging Information:
Length 210.0 mm
Width 178.0 mm
Height 154.0 mm
Weight 590.0 g


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