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Bbraun Hemodialysis Machine Dialog+ (Upgradable)

Quick Overview

• The Dialog+ sets standards with its three basic device configurations for extracorporeal blood treatment.
• The system is designed for the global requirements of patients, physicians, and nursing staff.
• The integrated and efficient treatment system permits users to have the greatest number of possible configurations in setting up the individual dialysis device.
• The new generation of the Dialog+ demonstrates numerous comfort improvements for providers and patients.
• It also rigorously meets today’s economic and medical needs.
• Options, accessories and consumables from one partner offer customers a single treatment system that fits together perfectly.
• A challenging medical technology of superb quality is combined with intelligent components, with one consistent common denominator: optimal treatment quality for the patients.
GMDN: 58131
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Specifications :
• Nominal Voltage : 230 V (Option : 120/240V)
• Nominal Frequency : 50 Hz / 60 Hz
• Nominal Current(max) : max. 11 A for 230 V or max. 16 A for 120 V
• Dimensions (W x D x H) : approx. 510 x 637 x 1678 mm
• Weight (empty): approx. 85 kg in the basic design
Water intake
• Pressure range: 0.5 to 6 bar
• Temperature range: +10 to +30 °C
• Concentrate supply: Canister / Central Supply / bicarbonate Cartridge
• Pressure range: 0 to +1 bar
• Standards: EN 60601-1: (IEC 601-1)
EN 60601–2–16: (IEC 601-2-16)
EN 60601–1–2: (IEC 601–1–2)
• Produced in conformity with directive 93/42/EEC


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