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Bard Phasix Mesh Fully Resorbable Implant For Soft Tissue Reconstruction 10 in X 16 in

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Features :
* Phasix*! Mesh is a knitted monofilament mesh scaffold using Poly-4-hydroxybutyrate (P4HB), a biologically derived, fully resorbable material.
* Monomer form (4HB) is a naturally occurring human metabolite found in the brain, heart, liver, kidney, and muscle
* Predictably resorbs through hydrolysis, as P4HB metabolizes into biocompatible byproducts (CO2 and H2O)
* Repairs :
* The open monofilament mesh scaffold provides early integration and repair strength*
* Remodels :
* Preclinical testing confirms vascular integration and incorporation, with abundant mature collagen at 52 weeks. Gradually transfers load to native tissue over time*
* Restores :
* As Phasix*! Mesh is remodeled, it is replaced with functional tissue, ultimately resulting in a strong repair at one year

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Specifications :
* Designed to enable constructive and functional tissue remodeling1
* Phasix*! Mesh provides a fully resorbable monofilament scaffold for rapid tissue incorporation that has been designed to allow for the repair strength of a synthetic mesh along with the remodeling characteristics of a biologic graft.

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