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Bard Mission Disposable Core Biopsy Instrument Size:18G 20Cm

Quick Overview

* Lightweight compact instrument is designed to easily fit in the CT gantry
* Unique ergonomic grip design provides multiple ways to use the device
* Convenient adjustable throw of 10mm and 20mm
* Sharp outer cannula is designed to deliver consistent core samples
* Compatible with BARD® TRUGUIDE®Disposable Coaxial Biopsy Needle permits sampling from a single insertion point
* Advanced Echogenic Technology offers excellent ultrasound visibility of the needle

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* Penetration depth indicator displays the primed penetration depth
* Visual Fire Ready Indicator confirms the sample notch is fully advanced
* Optional Coaxial Blunt Tip Stylet helps reduce the risk of damage to vasculature or other organs
* 10mm Adapter attaches to coaxial cannula for accurate biopsy needle positioning when primed to the 10mm penetration depth

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