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Bard Mesh, Flat Sheet 3" X 6" (3 Per Box)

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Features :
* Unique monofilament mesh constructed of Bard Mesh polypropylene.
* Inert in the presence of infections.
* Clinical studies have shown that when Bard Mesh is used in hernia repairs, recurrence rates have been dramatically reduced.
* Bard Mesh is the product of choice in the *tension - free* hernia procedure.
* Benefits:
* Ecellent handling and suture retention, with eceptionally high tensile strength.
* Stimulates a prompt fibroblastic reaction around and through the mesh, further strengthening the repair.
* Infections can be treated without removal of the mesh.
* Patient trauma due to re - operation is reduced.

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Specifications :
* Bard mesh is constructed of knitted polypropylene monofilaments. The knit construction allows the mesh to be stretched in both directions, to accommodate and reinforce tissue defects. Bard® mesh is a nonabsorbable, sterile prosthesis.
* Hernia Repair, Once and for all
* Bard Mesh is a unique knitted polypropylene mesh indicated for use in inguinal, femoral and incisional hernias and abdominal chest wall defects. Bard Mesh is permeable to the growth of granulation tissue and stimulates prompt fibroplasia.

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