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Features :
* One-handed cocking and lightweight ergonomic design improve both handling and control.
* Features 22mm penetration depth.
* Two firing buttons accommodate your preference.
* Color coding promotes accurate needle gauge identification.
* Compatibility with Bard® TruGuide® Coaxial Biopsy Needle enhances efficiency and accuracy.
* Convenient, one handed cocking mechanism :
* Innovative instrument design provides the convenience and enhanced control of one - handed cocking.
* Non - roll handle design :
* Uniquely engineered handle has strategically placed *ribs* to keep the MAXCORE instrument stationary while not in use.
* Sleek and functional ergonomic design:
* The MAXCORE Instrument features an ergonomic handle for easier manipulation and improved control.
* Choice of two firing buttons :
* A choice of two firing buttons accomodates individual user preferance: One firing button on the side of the instrument, and an alternate firing button at the rear of the handle. Both buttons are colour coded for easy, accurate needle gauge identification.
Shelf Life: 3 year
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Specifications :
* The BARD® MAX-CORE® Biopsy Instrument is a single use core biopsy device.
* It is available in several needle gauge sizes and lengths.
* The side and rear actuator buttons are color coded according to the various gauge sizes, e.g., Yellow=20 gauge, Pink=18 gauge, Purple=16 gauge and Green=14 gauge.

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