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BAID Micro-controller based Nurse Call Monitoring System Series 640


Quick Overview

Features :
• Micro-controller based system
• Serial display of calls received
-1st call displayed with 2* Height LED
display, Next 4 calls in sequence on side
column, Further pending calls- on
Scrolling 3 Digit 7 segment displays.
• Soft tone buzzer
- alerts receipt of new call
• Elegant look
• Compact and flexible
- Table- wall mountable.
• Built in Non Attendance Timer
- Pending calls flash
- Long pending calls flash at higher rates
• Modular Bed Side console
- Easy installation in std. Modular cabinet
• Status Indicators and buttons
- Ready, Call & Wait LED indication
on board, with Call & Reset switch
• Elegant patient remote
• Low Voltage Operation
- The system works on 12 V. D.C hence
patient is not put to danger even due to
accidental snatching of wires.
• Reset at patient bed
- re-set button installed near the patient.
• Compact and flexible
- The system requires very low space and
is flexible to accommodates up to 64 beds.
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Specifications :
• Nurses Call Monitoring System series 640 informs the nursing staff the sequence of call received thus minimizing any over due call. The call register maintains sequence in which call from different bed are received.
• The first call pending is displayed with Big 2” 7 segment display. 4 other calls are displayed in the sequence of receipt. If more then 5 calls are pending, the same can be scrolled down. Any call attended is automatically erased and display is replaced with the next call pending.
• If any call is pending beyond set time, the number starts blinking. it also activates a buzzer to draw attention of the nursing staff. If call remains pending even beyond 2nd limit, rate of blinking is intensified to bring notice of problem.
Contains :

• Call Station Board : 17 Sets
• Patient Remote Handset : 17 sets
• Master Controller Hub : 1 set
• Door Indicator ; 3 sets
• Nurse Monitor Console : 1 set
• UPS : 1 set


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