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Baby Incubators

Quick Overview

Features :
* Microprocessor based servo controlled temperature system
* Controlled mode: Air and baby skin mode.
* Colored touch screen with skin temperature graph trends
* Air temperature control range:25°C -38°C (>37°C temperature setting.)
* Set temperature, air temperature, baby skin temperature, humidity, oxygen concentration,SPO2, baby weight, timer and heating power are displayed separately by LCD
* A second thermal cut -off function for more safety.
* Audio and Visual alarm function for Power failure, temperature deviation, over temperature, temperature sensor failure and fan failure.
* Inclination of infant bed is adjustable.
* Double wall hood, 4 operating windows and 2 iris ports
* Electric height adjustable.
* Independent lock for front door
* LED Phototheraphy unit (upside or downside choose any one)
* X-Ray cassette tray
* RS-232 connector, oxygen inlet
* SPO2, CCD Camera

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Specification :
* Model NEXGEN
* Application Hospital, Clinical Purpose
* Temperature Range (Degree Celsius) 28 to 38C
* Portable No
* Automation Grade Automatic


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