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BioMedix Laser System IQ 577

Quick Overview

• True yellow, 577 nm wavelength for peak absorption
• First visible wavelength laser to incorporate MicroPulse technology
• Intelligent, intuitive, ergonomic system
CW-Pulse Continuous-Wave Mode:
• CW lasers deliver a continuous stream of laser energy, even with the shortest pulse durations. This results in a significant thermal rise and consequent coagulation used clinically for many applications
MicroPulse laser delivery settings:
• MicroPulse laser delivery confines heat to target area
• Limits thermal rise in target tissue below the threshold of conventional photocoagulation
• Excellent clinical utility in both routine and more challenging cases
Ergonomic and easy to use:
• Dual fiber-port output
• Sliding door covers for fiber-port protection
• Fully functional remote control
• Wireless, power-adjust footswitch
Graphic user interface:
• High-contrast color LCD display
• Graphic touchscreen interface
• Convenient 3-knob control console
• Programmable memory presets
Remote control:
• Compact design for easy placement or use in sterile field
• Displays can be seen from 2 vantage points, allowing more convenient usage of space
Wireless power-adjust footswitch:
• No cord, no clutter, no limitations
• Allows precise physician control over power settings

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Type: Solid state
Wavelength: 577 nm
Maximum Power: 2000 mW
Minimum Power: 50 mW
Minimum Power Adjustment: 10 mW
Pulse Settings:
Duration: 10-3000 ms (up to 60 s in Paint Mode)
Increments: 10 ms
Interval: 10–3000 ms
Increments: 10 ms
Duration: 0.051.00 ms @ 0.05 ms increments
Interval: 0.1-10 ms @ 0.1 ms increments
Connector Type: RFID
User Interface: Graphic/Touchscreen
Dimensions: 7” H x 12 “ W x 13 “ D
Weight: 14 lbs
Power: 110-240 VAC
Accessories: Wireless, power-adjust footswitch; remote control


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