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BioMedix Laser System IQ 532

Quick Overview

• High power with 2500 mW of deliverable laser power
• High speed with pulse durations from 10-3000 ms
• DualSense provides quick and simple selection of multiple
• delivery devices for RFID and SMA
• Intuitive graphic touch screen interface with high contrast color display
• Voice confirmation to aid surgical technique
Advancing Technology with Optional MicroPulse Module:
• Tissue sparing procedures to delivery energy below levels of standard photocoagulation
• Reduces thermal spread by confining heat to the target area
Ergonomic and Easy to Use:
• Convenient 3-knob control console
• Programmable memory presets

Optional Accessories:
Full-Featured Remote Control:
• Compact design for easy placement or use in sterile field
• View displays and adjust parameters from 2 vantage points for increased convenience and efficiency
Wireless Footswitch:
• No cord, no clutter, no limitations
• Allows precise physician control over power settings
• Available with power-adjust to control laser actuation and power settings

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Wavelength: 532 nm Green
Weight: 19.2 lb (9.0 kg)
Dimensions: 8.5” H x 12” W x 14” D (21 cm x 30 cm x 35 cm)
Connector Type: RFID I Resistor
Electrical: 100-240 VAC , 50/60 Hz
Cooling: Whisper fan
Exposure Duration: CW-Pulse: 10-3000 ms
Exposure Interval: CW-Pulse: 10-3000 ms
MicroPulse Duration: MicroPulse: 0.05-1.00 ms
MicroPulse Interval: MicroPulse: 1.00-10.00 ms
Aiming Laser: Diode laser, 635 nm nominal
Delivery Device: Portable SLA: 0–1800 mW
Power Output:
• LIO: 0-2000 mW
• EndoProbe: 0–2000 mW


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