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AVI Neotherm Intelligent Infant Warmers IW 4000 Economy Series

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* Heater Unit with Ceramic Infrared Heater and Parabolic Reflector
* Heater Unit Swivels 90° in both directions
* More than two infusion pumps can be clamped on Stainless Steel Rod
* IV Saline Stand height can be adjusted
* Inbuilt halogen Observation lamp - 50 W
* Two Overhead lamps with dimming fuction- optional
* Monitor tray capable of holding upto 10 kg of Equipment
* Side panels are made of Transparent Acrylic drop down,lockable and easily removable for cleaning
* Bed tilting in both directions by acrylic baby tray
* Facility for X-Ray Cassette below the acrylic baby tray
* Lower Shelf is sturby and capable of holding upto 20 Kg Weight
* Castor wheels are antistatic with two front lockable wheels
GMDN: 17433
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* Temperature Control : Computerised Software Based PID Servo Control System. PID is the most advanced servo control system which considers even smallest change in temperature
* Voltage Rating : 190 - 240 V AC, 50Hz
* Power : 750 W
* Display : Large Temperature Display in Celsius as well as Fahrenheit
* Temperature Display Range : 10°C - 50°C
* Resolution : 0.1°C
* Accuracy ±0.2°C
* Probe Interchangeability : ±0.2°C
* Set Temperature Range : 30°C - 38°C
* Alarms : High Skin Temp, Low Skin Temp, Sensor Failure, Heater Failure, Power Failure, Battery Low Alarm, System Failure, Overheat High & Low Alarm Level programmable
* Sensor : Thermistor based NTE Sensors with High Resolution
* Modes : Skin, Air, Manual
* Heater Output Range : 0 - 100% in steps of 1%
* Programmable Timer : UP Timer can be used for Apgar, Nurse Feed time, etc DOWN Timer can be used as stopwatch (Optional)
* Manual Mode : Programmable timer for Manual Heating
* Observation Lamp : 50W Hazzle Free Halogen Lamp
* Mattress : 700mm x 500mm x 40mm, Foam Density of approx 21-25 kg/M³ Mattress Cover removable with zipper, waterproof, washable, resistant to cleaning with chlorine based solutions and flame retardant
* Heater : Quartz based Ceramic Infrared Heater with parabolic reflector and protected by metal grid
* Side Panels : Thick, Transparent acryllic, Drop Down
* Wheels : Four Castor wheels with minimum 4* Diameter with 2 locked wheels


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