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ARK Uroflowmetry Uroflow System with All Standard

Quick Overview

• Auto calibrated and hence the user is not required to do the same
• Easy operations and with basic training the non-paramedical staff can also operate it
• The graph is printed on A4 size paper without the need of thermal paper
• The graph can be obtained in 10ml/div as well as 5ml/div scale graph
• The graph automatically gets compressed when the voiding time of the patient increases the 50 sec

• Input Voltage range: 210-240 V A. C., 50 Hz,
• Rated Current: 0.6 A
• Power Consumption: 30 W
• Temperature: 5-40 degree centigrade
• Sensor: 0.5 ml weight system

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• Quality, being our priority, is never compromised with.
• Thus, we manufacture this Uroflowmetry Machineusing raw materials of the highest grade.
• Used for the purpose of accurate measurement of urinary flow, the offered product is one of the most efficient available.
• Offered to clients at a very reasonable price, this machine is highly preferred in the market.


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