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Features : * Piezoelectric hand piece.
* Autoclavable, detachable handpiece.
* 27000 - 32000 frequency of oscillation.
* 5 scaling tips, optional endo tip.
* Continuous variable power control.
* Performance & Characteristics:
* Original created hanger design, the hanger can be taken out and autoclaved under high temperature and pressure to avoid cross infection.
* Specialized filtering technique, powerful scaling and the tip will not be hot, the handpiece can work for a long time without heat and power attenuation that makes scaling more comfortable.
* Handpiece and tips compatible with Woodpecker

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Specification :
* Least damage to Tooth enamel.
* Patient feel comfortable and clean when scaling.
* Tip will not be hot when powerfully scaling.
* Tip is more pointed that can go into deep perio scaling.
* Break Resistance Handpiece Cable is with protector.
* It has a long life span.


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