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Features : * QTK2 heating muffle with SiC bottom reflector for a homogeneous heat distribution and outstanding firing results;
* Thermo shock protection (TSP) prevents a thermal shock for the ceramic if the furnace head is closed when hot;
* Vacuum pump control with double-valve technology for a low-noise and power-saving operation;
* Optical status display (OSD) informs about the actual operational status by using different colors;
* Energy-saving technology enables up to 40 % power saving in standby mode;
* Power fail save system bridges short-time power cuts up to 10 seconds;
* LAN and USB connections;
* Remote diagnosis via data file or internet.

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Specification : * With colour touch-display and membrane keyboard.
* Besides a variety of Ivoclar Vivadent programs adjusted to materials like IPS e.max, IPS d.Sign.
* IPS InLine and IPS Empress another 300 individual programs are available.


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